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If you choose to engage our services, we will accept the engagement with the understanding that the terms of our engagement letter will govern the fee relationship between us.

Our engagement letter reads as follows:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding my availability to serve as a mediator in the above referenced matter.

We will furnish our mediation services at the rate of $400.00 per hour for two party mediations. Mediations with three or more parties will be billed at $150.00 per party per hour. We have a three hour minimum. There are no travel, preparation, cancellation or facility fees, even if the mediation is outside of our Tampa office.

The fee shall be divided equally between or among the parties unless otherwise agreed before or at the mediation. Invoices will either be delivered at the conclusion of the conference or mailed to each party’s attorney.

Disclosure: Stephen Leon and Victor Berg are currently engaged in a law practice. Accordingly, they may currently, or in the past, have represented clients, or may in the future represent clients, making claims of litigation against insurance companies, including the company or companies named or providing coverage in this case.

Consequently, if you need additional information, or you desire not to engage our services as mediators, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, this letter will serve as a waiver of any conflict or potential conflict.

If you have any objection to the terms of this mediation engagement, please contact us immediately.

We look forward to seeing you at the mediation conference.



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